The RISE Campuses are located in the outer suburb of the calm town, Ongole in the Prakasam district in Andhra Pradesh.

The most competent and dedicated technical and human resources in the campuses sharpen students and their skills. They, thereby, shall be sure to make the greatest possible strides both in their career and life! The Polytechnic college is under the umbrella called RISE which stands for Rural Institute of Social and Economic Empowerment.

From their very inception, the RISE campuses have started flourishing in all aspects. The captivating ambiance amidst panoramic scenic beauty all around would add glory to the face value of the campuses. The National Highway No. 16 on one side and the grand railway line on the other heighten the richness of the campuses appealing to all personalities in all walks of life.

To add one more feather of glory and achievement to the professional education the RISE KRISHNA SAI POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE came into existence in 2015.


Achievement of academic excellence through self-paced strategies.

Development of wholesome personality among the students.

Enrichment of professional standards with special focus on the students with the rural background.

Establishment of the most wanted educational atmosphere with global vision. Imparting life skills education through professional excellence


The RISE campuses aim at excellence. Yes, excellence in the students wholesome personality, excellence in the RISE professors personal and career domains, excellence in the campuses development and finally excellence in the entire zone with respect to social, cultural and economic horizons. The campuses have been established to provide the best possible scientific and technological education to students. They guide them to become the best professionals, leaders and proud citizens of the greatest democracy in the world.